Aundrea Lee - Artist Statement

     A person’s ancestry defines not only their genetic roots, but perpetuates their abilities toward biological assimilation and survival. Gentrification explores diversification, by becoming a gateway for common establishments. The complex, emotional colors in these artworks, physically explores the biological effects of toxic waste by focusing in on gentrification and the illuminating light of holograms. Within the science of holograms, information is encoded to display an image. An object, surrounded by a diffracted light field can be reproduced three-dimensionally. The luminance of holograms in these artworks, essentially create responses toward our rapidly growing society by becoming a vehicle to isolate issues with toxic waste. The cicada insect is a distinct creature in some of these artworks. He is portrayed to conceal the causes of toxics so the viewer can gain insight into the evolving situation. 

       In space, you do not see national boundaries. They are a social construct bound by people and those people form a cohesive existence. Traditional and non-traditional materials bind these pieces of artwork producing an integration. This integration of imagery analyzes variances in strains, genetic mutations that thrive from toxic waste systems. The biologically assimilating, nostalgic mazes of oil paint, charcoal, enamel car paint, poly-fiber, metal, and acrylic spray paints, embrace public health. Through a creative, envisioned image transfiguration, an intimate association between human and creature initiate instinctual patterns in ethnologic survival. In a Magical Realist sense, this work embodies established interchanges and networks that expose the impact of an inhabitant’s exploration to acquire a better quality of life.